Wish I Have My Own Air Mattress

Recently my social activity is down to zero probably because of work. Lucky, I have Lucy my next-door-cubicle mate. We can chat about anything and she shared the same view that we are losing our entertainment hours.

So, she suggested that we stay at her apartment tonight to watch a good movie together. She even offered her best air mattress which she just recently bought. It is actually for her sister who will come and stay with her on the weekends.

I had the best night eating, chatting and watching movie with Lucy but it was the first time I slept on an air mattress and wearing the same work clothes the day before for the next day.

It was unusual and a bit uncomfortable but it was fun and I think we should do it more often. Maybe I should also get myself a few air mattresses so that I can invite a few friends over for a little night party.